Which way battery would last more? By how much?

Real life experiment: constantly charging MacBook Pro with 12V adapter in comparison to using AC to DC power inverter and charging with 230V as usual. This experiment compares both solutions, see which one is better and by how much!

If you have not seen my previous experiment using both MacBook Pro and external display via inverter, you can find it by clicking here.

Both “Goal” and “Details” will be the same as in previous experiment, so it would be easy to compare results objectively in this article:

Goal: work the same as every day, just be connected to the 12V…

Working while camping off grid might be tempting idea, but how long will your battery last? Let’s do some experiments and see how long you can work with a MacBook Pro and one additional external display connected to a LiFePo4 100ah 12V battery.

Goal: work no different than every day, just be connected to the 12V (12.8V to be exact, as this is LiFePo4 battery) DC battery and see how long can it last.

Details: programming work (no video editing or gaming, which could increase power consumption a lot) on a 100ah LiFePo4 battery with a MacBook Pro 16" i9 (2019) with additional external 24" display (Dell U2415).

Experiment 1: Use 12V DC to 230V AC power inverter for both laptop and external display

Firstly I connected 300W inverter to the fully charged lithium battery. Then I connected regular MacBook Pro charger cable together with external monitor cable to the inverter. …

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Huge fan of RV / motorhome or caravan camping, off grid power solutions, working in the wild, fishing and other fun stuff while spending more time in nature.

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